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Pecha Kucha Hawke's Bay

Pecha Kucha

20 images x 20 seconds

Designers, architects, photographers, artists, creatives, engineers, thinkers, doers, go-getters, soothsayers, naysayers and lovable curmudgeons, lubricated and let loose on an innocent audience.

They've got 6 minutes and 40 seconds to tell their tale (aided by 20 powerpoint slides, each one up for 20 seconds.)

469 cities around the globe proudly host PECHA KUCHA nights (www.pecha-kucha.org ) and Hawke's Bay is the latest place to join the phenomenon. There have been many attempts to explain pecha kucha: "If stand-up comedy has a clever younger brother then this is he." "Speed powerpoint, but not in a dorky way." "Like an open-mic poetry night but without the open mic (or the poetry)." Meet up, see work, exchange ideas, think sideways: obsessions, collections, affections, afflictions, addictions, convictions - it's all worthy subject matter.

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